My stay in Ghent at The Librarian

In July I found myself in the beautiful city of Ghent. Now I hear you say: how’s that a trip for you? You literally live in Belgium! Well that’s correct, and I’ve actually been to Ghent many times before. But because I went there with photography in mind and stayed a few days, it truly… Read more »


The Bunkers: luxury retreat amidst nature in Knokke, Belgium

Last week, Belgium was the hottest place in Europe, with temperatures reaching 28 degrees Celsius! So instead of traveling, I decided to head towards the seaside and visit Knokke, a posh coastal municipality known as a getaway destination for the rich and famous. A world where residents drive fancy supercars but nonetheless golf carts on… Read more »


Winter in Oostende

I spent last weekend in Oostende, a city along the Belgian Coast that was once the home of James Ensor and Marvin Gaye. My first thought was that the Belgian coast wasn’t really the place to go to during winter. But the city has more than enough to offer in low season to experience a… Read more »

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