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About me


Hey there, what’s up? I’m Ben Deleu, the photographer and travel writer behind Ben goes places! I appreciate seeing you here and I hope my travel experiences will be helpful to you.

What to get from this blog?

I’m just a regular guy just like you, who happened to have traveled to over 50 countries. Here and there I picked up a thing or two I could share with my interested readers. So I decided to create Ben goes places. I’m your go-to guy for travel tips to get the most out of your holiday and tricks on how to make your trip more worth-wile. I’m into all kinds of trips really. I love getting up early to watch the sunrise on the edge of a cliff just as much as I enjoy the facilities a luxury hotel or cruise line has to offer. Boy, I’d hate it if one would be confined to only one type of trip for the rest of their lives!


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How I started out

Around the time I started picking up a camera – about 9 years ago – my then-girlfriend and now-wife was living in Stockholm to complete her master’s degree. Each month, I flew over to visit. During that time, I was still at ‘clubbing-age’ so my friends and I would head over to Paris or London to rave in the coolest underground clubs. Apart from that, I traveled all over to get tattooed by famous artists, another passion of mine. The photos I took along the way, I posted on my Instagram account. People seemed to enjoy my work and one thing led to another.


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Career and personal life

I’m a self-taught photographer but a few years back I decide to perfect my skills at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Belgium. In 2020, I was the winner of the Audience Choice Award and was a nominee for the Best Social Media Award at the Belgian Travel Blog Awards. My work has been sold to clients all over the world.

When I’m not traveling, I’m the head of Customs in one of Europe’s busiest ports. During weekends you can catch me drinking cocktails in my local bar. With my lovely wife and two fluffy feline friends, I live in a nice little town in Belgium. Here I spend my days mowing the lawn and quoting King of the Hill, a combination that works really well, I’ll tell you what!


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Work with me?

My business card says ‘written word – visual content’. Heck, let’s just skip the copywriting: I’m available for travel-related photography work or digital campaigns. I’d be delighted to create a tailor-made travel story for you brand.

Are you a tourism board, a luxury hotel or a travel product looking to showcase your brand to a targeted audience? You’ve come to the right place. Together we can make it happen! As an award-winning photographer, I know like no other how to capture the atmosphere you’re after. I share my travel stories on my blog – Ben goes places – and social media @bengoesplaces to reach like-minded travelers.

Would you like to know more? Are you interested in working with me? Have look at my Instagram account, my portfolio and find my contact info here.


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