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My stay in Ghent at The Librarian

In July I found myself in the beautiful city of Ghent. Now I hear you say: how’s that a trip for you? You literally live in Belgium! Well that’s correct, and I’ve actually been to Ghent many times before. But because I went there with photography in mind and stayed a few days, it truly felt like a refreshing getaway. I stayed at The Librarian, one of the 5 Heirloom Hotels in the heart of Ghent. Let me tell you all about it.

Heirloom Hotels

Heirloom consists of 5 hotels, each of them conveniently located in the old city centre of what is perhaps one of the most beautiful Belgian cities. Hotels from Heirloom are self-hosting hotels, which means you don’t have to stop by the reception upon arrival. In fact, there’s no reception at all. You’ve already checked in by filling out your information before departure. You’re given a code which allows you to access the front door and the door of your particular room. If you do struggle for some reason, you can easily send the owners a WhatsApp message.


The hallway at The Librarian, one of the Heirloom Hotels in Ghent


The Librarian

I stayed at The Librarian, one of their hotels that got its name because it is the former house a librarian and publisher who used to live and work in Ghent. My room was a deluxe room, one of the larger rooms that Heirloom offers. At the rate of around 100 euros per night, it’s a very affordable option. The look and feel of the room felt quite modern, as the hotel is still brand-spanking new. Toilet and shower were neatly tucked away behind a closet-looking sliding door. Other facilities include a minibar and espresso machine.


Deluxe room, the librarian, heirloom hotels, ghent




Deluxe room, the librarian, heirloom hotels, ghent



Getting settled at the Librarian didn’t take long so I head out to the city. I happened to know the city of Ghent well beforehand, but if you don’t and it’s your first time, there’s some basic information on what to visit or where to eat in this marvelous city. To be fair, this could have been a bit more personal and this is the only part of the hotel where I missed this personal touch, but on the other hand Ghent is really easy to get to know. There aren’t really any major tourist traps and by just going for a walk you stumble upon the most important attractions.


Ghent city center


Ghent city center


ghent city center


Evening options

If you fancy pasta or pizza, you cannot go wrong with Otomat, Bavet or Kastart, each of them located in the city centre. Balls & Glory (meatballs), Fry Willy (fish&chips) and Steamywindows (dumplings) are great options too. For cocktails, I find myself quite regularly in Jigger’s or Ray’s.


Ray, best cocktail bar in Ghent


A quick getaway in Ghent is all I need to recharge the batteries. I go out for walks in the city and look for angles that make a great picture. And when I finally arrive back at The Librarian after an amazing day, I’m happy to conclude the day by watching a movie on the hotel’s complimentary Netflix account.


Deluxe room, the librarian, heirloom hotels, ghent