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The Bunkers: luxury retreat amidst nature in Knokke, Belgium

Last week, Belgium was the hottest place in Europe, with temperatures reaching 28 degrees Celsius! So instead of traveling, I decided to head towards the seaside and visit Knokke, a posh coastal municipality known as a getaway destination for the rich and famous. A world where residents drive fancy supercars but nonetheless golf carts on public roads aren’t a rare sight either. I stayed at The Bunkers, a luxury bed-and-breakfast in the middle of the polders and had the most relaxing time of the year so far!


The Bunkers is located a bit more inland in Knokke, on a historic site with bunkers from both WW I and II. The location – within a stone’s throw from the Netherlands – is ideal to explore the area by bike. From here, you can easily get to the beach, nature reserve The Zwin, Bruges or tranquil little towns like Damme and Sluis.

lookout chair at The Bunkers


The Bunkers, Knokke


view from the pool at The Bunkers in Knokke


What shall I do first?

I’d stayed in bed-and-breakfasts from time to time before I started blogging. I loved meeting new people and see how they built their dream from scratch to receive guests. Since I started blogging my focus switched to luxury and boutique resorts and found these gave you a bit more freedom and privacy. However The Bunkers isn’t just your ordinary bed-and-breakfast. Two farmstead buildings are completely renovated: One is now the home of Margaux and Axel, the owners of The Bunkers, and the other is turned into this sparkling new exclusive retreat! Before you arrive, you get a code to open the gate, the front door and unlock your room. Then you enter your personal relaxing haven with lots of respect for privacy. The only thing you’ll be getting stress from, is choosing which relaxing activity you’ll do next, haha!

You can spend time in the cozy living room reading a book, go outside to pet the sheep, have a drink on the heated terrace, enjoy the views from up a gigantic lookout chair, use the infrared sauna or even swim in this super fancy indoor swimming pool! Told you this isn’t your ordinary bed & breakfast! If you need a bit more action, the cellar floor has an amazing fitness area with view of the pool, the room adjacent is to play table football and ping-pong.


The Bunkers: luxury bed and breakfast in Knokke


living room at The Bunkers


spending some time outside at The Bunkers, Belgium


bed and breakfast The Bunkers has an indoor swimming pool!


Sleek design

The design is a successful combination of rustic stonework and industrial elements. Large floor-to-ceiling windows offer unrivaled views of the Belgian countryside. The building is made in such a way that you can close off the windows with large wooden panels to turn it into a beautifully designed wooden box.” You’ll find yourself in a serene environment where wood and concrete predominate. Colors of the decorations are carefully chosen in a way that they are easy on the eyes. No light switches, just tap the control panels you find everywhere to access light, air conditioning and other controls.


Opening the wooden panels at The Bunkers, Knokke, Belgium


Neatly designed bed & breakfast The Bunkers in Knokke


The Polder room

I stayed in the Polder room, the largest of five, with views over the bunkers and the historic lock.

You probably have guessed by now that this room has all you would expect in luxury accommodations (air conditioning, flatscreen tv, bath robes…) so I don’t need to go on about that. The generously-sized bathroom has both bath and walk-in shower. In this Polder room too, the concrete theme is never far off. Even the bath is made of concrete! This bed and breakfast has it all. There are even Japanese toilets, people!

polder room


polder room at The Bunkers


concrete bath!


bed and breakfast The Bunkers in Knokke has a very modern bathroom


seating area in the polder room, The Bunkers


Polder room, The Bunkers, Knokke, Belgium



Breakfast options are plenty. Lots of fresh fruit, cheese, bacon, eggs. Nothing to add, really. Ingredients are as local as possible. After all, you’re here to enjoy the area in every way possible, right?

When you’re not a morning person or get hungry at any other given time of the day, you can help yourself out in the fully equipped and ultra-fancy VIPP-kitchen, the first in Belgium! Check this out, who wouldn’t turn into a kitchen prince(ss) if you got to use a kitchen like this! The kitchen countertop is made of concrete and is specially treated so you don’t have to be afraid to spill anything.


best bed and breakfast in Belgium!


plenty of breakfast options


The Bunkers has the first Vipp kitchen in Belgium


Beautiful vipp kitchen at The Bunkers, best bed and breakfast in Belgium


vipp kitchen in knokke, belgium


I loved it!

For me, this was the best getaway holiday I’ve had in my own country. The perfect place for a few days of getting away from the daily struggle of life. For international travelers it is definitely worth to visit as well. Staying in such a beautifully designed and hypermodern place is a very rewarding experience. With prices ranging between 200-275 euros per night, The Bunkers offers a luxurious getaway for an affordable price. I know all of you are interested in luxury, so I definitely recommend you check out The Bunkers yourself!


The Bunkers by night


Entrance of The Bunkers, best bed and breakfast in Belgium


Nightly view of The Bunkers, best bed and breakfast in Knokke, Belgium