Exploring a surprising side of the Dominican Republic

Last month I found myself on a trip in the beautiful Dominican Republic. I had been to the Caribbean many times over the last couple of years. However somehow, I had always skipped the Dominican Republic. Honestly? I thought it was going to be too touristy for me. I didn’t want to sit in an… Read more »


Free laidback activities in Curaçao

Right, you’ve got tons of water activities you can do in Curaçao, but I’m guessing from time to time you want to stay dry and feel like doing something completely different. And to keep more budget available to spend on those yummy Blue Curaçao based cocktails, I’m gonna list a couple of my favorite FREE… Read more »


Best water activities in Curaçao

One reason why I love being in the Caribbean is the fact that I love being in/on the water! After having traveled extensively in the Caribbean area, I was preoccupied and thought Curaçao would be more of the same. It turned out to be quite the opposite. The island is surprisingly diverse and there’s tons… Read more »

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