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Free laidback activities in Curaçao

Right, you’ve got tons of water activities you can do in Curaçao, but I’m guessing from time to time you want to stay dry and feel like doing something completely different. And to keep more budget available to spend on those yummy Blue Curaçao based cocktails, I’m gonna list a couple of my favorite FREE activities to do in Curaçao!

Punda vibes in Willemstad, Curaçao

The district east of the Queen Emma Bridge is called Punda. When night falls, the quaint streets and alleys of the historical Punda district turn into a meeting spot where local artists are displaying their work, and tourists mingle with locals on the streets for a good old dance party! During every Punda Vibes there’s also a Harbor Fireworks Show.


free activities in Curaçao: punda vibes queen emma bridge


cocktail workshop in Curaçao


Hike to tree of life

Not many people know the location of the Tree of Life. The trailhead is located between Playa Jeremi and Playa Lagun. When you’re heading down south from Westpunt, it’s the first street to the left as soon as you’ve passed Playa Jeremi. The road is a dead end; just park your car at the end and start walking. During the hike you’ll come across a couple of ruins as well. Hiking to the tree of life only takes about 1 or 2 hours in total so it’s a great activity to do when you’re driving back from Westpunt to Willemstad. You can stop at Toko Williwood for a delicious goat burger afterwards, and spot the flamingos while being there.


Tree of Life location in Curaçao


The tree is not on Google Maps or anything so this is a true hidden gem. And trust me, that is one impressive tree! The views from up there are jaw-droppingly beautiful as well.


Tree of Life in Curaçao

Stroll around floating market

Curaçao’s floating market is located on Waaigat, near the Curaçao Maritime Museum. Every day, merchants from Venezuela sell fresh fruits, vegetables and fish right from their boats. It’s a colorful scene and even if you don’t need anything it’s worth having a stroll along the boats. It all looks temporary but the merchants hardly ever leave. They live on the boats and hang out at night on the Sha Caprileskade.


Floating market in Willemstad, Curaçao


Discover street art in Scharloo, Willemstad

When you’re in Willemstad, you simply can’t ignore the vibrant street art. While some areas were neglected and buildings were being abandoned, the local community and initiatives like Street Art Skalo are doing big efforts to turn Willemstad into a pleasing environment. For tourtists, it’s great to discover a new piece of street art around every corner of Willemstad. Read more about it in this separate article!


Street art in Willemstad, Curaçao


Beach time

Probably the best activity you can find that is both laidback and free! Renaissance Resort and Casino in the Otrobanda district wasn’t the best location to jump into the sea, but they made a gigantic Eternity Pool and a smaller infinity pool including beach sand to overcome this problem and it’s actually pretty cool. That makes it one of my personal favorite places for a bit of beach time. Mambo beach, also in Willemstad, would be my runner-up. You can read more about other cool water activities in Curaçao in this separate article!


Beach in the evening in Curaçao


Watch the sunset from basically anywhere

Okay, maybe not from anywhere on the island, but there are some great spots that make the sunset just that tad bit more magical! Renaissance Resort and Casino is one of those places in Curaçao where watching the sunset is a lot of fun. I’ve been watching sunsets extensively in Curaçao and experiencing it from one of the beach bars at Pietermaai like City Beach 88, from Mambo Beach or from the luxurious Coral Estate are among my favorites.


sunset from Coral Estate, Curaçao


If you’re more of a water person or haven’t found an activity you like in this list, make sure to also check out my top picks for water activities in Curaçao.