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Prague Zoo

During our trip to Prague, we made some time to head away from the busy city and visited the Zoo! It’s located outside the city centre and although you can get there by bus or even by boat plus a short walk after that, I recommend taking a taxi like we did. From our Boscolo hotel in Praha 1 – the city centre – it was about 450 CZK and you’re being dropped of right at the very entrance. Our taxi driver gave us his phone number so we didn’t have to go through the hassle of finding a cab to get back (I didn’t spot a designated taxi stop at first sight there).

On TripAdvisor, the Prague Zoo is voted the fourth best zoo in the world and you can easily see why. The complex is huge – you can even take a chair-lift from one side to the other – and the animals are in good care. The zoo is home to some exclusive species like the Asiatic lion or the Giant Salamander. Some animals like the giraffes and the mountain goats even have a gigantic area of their own so they definitely don’t feel locked up.

The gorilla pavilion had a great surprise for the visitors: on April 23rd, Western lowland gorilla Shinda gave birth to her first baby and she was delighted to show it to the audience.

As I mentioned it’s a cool thing to do in Prague to get away from the busy city life and the obviously crowded tourist attractions. All in all we spent around 5 hours in there on a super hot day. I sure was glad to head back to our hotel to relax in their spa and indoor pool. The zoo’s polar bear was glad he had a private pool too!


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