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Concert Noble & Bibliothèque Solvay

Last week I had the honor of visiting two very impressive venues right in the heart of Brussels: Concert Noble and Bibliothèque Solvay. The venues are owned by Edificio, specialized in hosting exclusive events. Edificio provides a complete package, which means they assist you with all the organisational aspects of your event, e.g. providing audio-visual equipment, musicians, custom decorations…

Concert Noble

Concert Noble is located in the heart of the European Quarter in Brussels. The building blew me away with its incredibly stylish interior. From the entrance hall to the impressive 400m2 ballroom, you come across different rooms, increasing in size, each with its own atmosphere. The rooms can be rented together or separately. Concert Noble is very popular among European institutions, members of parliament and the like. Not surprisingly, I mean look at how stunning it is!

Bibliothèque Solvay

Within walking distance of Concert Noble, there is another beautiful venue: Bibliothèque Solvay, located in the beautiful Leopold Park. As the name suggests, the main room is a two story high library setting, with classy dark wood touches and stained glass windows. The lower floor has a more modern feel with a bar where receptions can take place. There’s also a large terrace with great views of the Leopold Park.

Unless you’re invited for an exclusive party, you won’t get the chance to see the interior yourself. I live in Belgium and visit Brussels on a regular basis, and I found it very interesting to visit a place I haven’t been before. Who would’ve thought that behind the discreet facades of Concert Noble and Bibliothèque Solvay, the interior would be exact the opposite! Unfortunately, there were no events organized at the moment I visited, but Edificio’s Instagram page gives you a glimpse of what it looks like.

If you’d like to learn more, or want to host a prestigious event yourself in one of Brussels’s most exclusive locations, please visit the website of Edificio here.