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Chopin Museum Warsaw

Apart from the iconic Palace of Culture and Science, there was another attraction I particularly enjoyed in Warsaw and it’s the Fryderyck Chopin Museum. Open from Tuesday to Sunday, I think it’s a must see for anyone a bit interested in culture or classical music.

Fryderyck Chopin is one of Poland’s most famous people. He was a music composer and pianist from the 19th century. I’m not gonna give you a boring lecture about his life or work, the museum can teach you much better, and less boring!

The Fryderyck Chopin museum, located in a classical but beautiful building, is actually a very edgy museum on the inside! The contrast could not have been bigger! Your entrance ticket is the size and shape of a credit card. Along your way in the museum, you can hold the card against an LED light inside the wall to start up a short movie or an interactive screen. You get to see original music scores and letters from the man. At different places, there are separate cocoons where you can take place in to enjoy some classical music.


With their modern approach, the museum actually managed to make it interesting and enjoyable for people all ages.