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My favorite attractions in Gozo

Last may I got to spend a few days in Gozo. I skipped Malta for the most part and headed straight to Gozo. Most people only go to Gozo for a day trip, as it’s only a short ferry transfer away. I spent four days in Gozo but could have easily stayed a couple days more without feeling bored. Heck, dare I say I would stay in Gozo and do a day trip to Malta instead of the other way around? Continue reading to see which are my favorite free attractions and things to see in Gozo.

Dwejra Inland Sea

The Azure Window might not exist anymore, but on the same location is another very beautiful natural attraction. The inland sea in Dwejra is exactly what it says on the tin, a small bay surrounded by high cliffs; The only thing that connects the lagoon with the Mediterranean Sea is a small naturally-formed opening in the cliff. Small fishing boats can pass through the tunnel and there are a few fishermen’s huts along the small beach.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 1


Tal-Mixta Cave

A cave along the northern shore of Gozo. The Tal-Mixta cave is located high up in the hills and offers stunning views over the red sandy Ramla beach. One of the fun activities I did while I was in Gozo was doing a quad tour. And they took us right to the entrance of the cave.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 2


Wied Il-Mielah

After the collapse, Wied Il-Mielah is now considered the new Azure Window and it’s just as beautiful! It’s a limestone natural arch located in the northwestern part of the island. I couldn’t resist standing on the edge of the cliff for an epic shot. From there, it’s only a short drive to the next cool place: Wied Il-Ghasri.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 3


Wied Il-Ghasri

Along the northern coast of Gozo you’ll find Wied Il-Ghasri. It’s a very narrow and secluded bay. In the bay near the beach, the sea is always quiet and it’s a relatively secluded place to relax. The place is not very well known yet, however this also means there aren’t any facilities such as toilets or bins on-site. Take your trash with you! A very similar lagoon is Mgarr Ix-xini in the south of the island.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 4


Xwejni Salt Pans

If you head east from Wied Il-Ghasri, you’ll eventually pass by the Xwejni salt pans. The salt pans are still being used. An older couple runs the place: you’ll probably find the lady working and the man selling salt-related stuff in a very small shop on the other side of the road. If you have a drone with you, you can create some great footage there!


My favorite attractions in Gozo 5


Cittadella in Victoria

I stayed in the Kempinski in San Lawrenz so I had to pass by the Citadel in Victoria every day as it is very centrally located on the island of Gozo. Especially the outside is very impressive due to the massive medieval walls and fortifications.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 6


Bonus 1: Popeye Village in Malta

Okay, this attraction technically isn’t in Gozo but you nearly pass by Popeye Village on the way to the Cirkewwa ferry terminal in Malta. So you might as well have a quick stop there. Popeye Village is a movie decor from back in the day that has been turned You don’t need to buy tickets for Popeye Village if you don’t want to: the best views can be had from outside the village, right next to the road!


My favorite attractions in Gozo 7


Bonus 2: Visit Comino Island

When you’re at Gozo and you have the time, you might as well explore that other island that you most likely have seen when you took the ferry from Malta to Gozo. That island is called Comino and it’s where the Blue Lagoon is located. Best way to get to Gozo? By a private yacht charter! I went with Antonija and Andy from Lust4Life. They’re a super friendly couple who took me on a half-day trip to Comino on their own boat. It was a great experience. Antonija and Andy make sure you don’t come short of anything: drinks and snacks are included! With the boat, we were able to sail right into the Blue Lagoon and the lesser known Crystal Lagoon, two great places to relax, swim or stand-up paddle.


My favorite attractions in Gozo 8