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Jupiter Hotel: review

If after reading this post you’re still in total dispair about what hotel to pick in Portland, fear not my friends as I present you the Jupiter Hotel. This hotel gives off major ‘motel-meets-modern’ vibes and I’m into it.

Trendy room at Jupiter Hotel in Portland, Oregon


The rooms are spacious and are decorated in a sort of sixties meets 2017 way. This place also majorly focuses on art and experiences, all the art in the lobby is up for sale and the hotel is located next to the Doug Fir Lounge, a bar that hos gigs on a regular basis. That being said, this is a big reason for me to recommend this place to a younger crowd! I bet you don’t mind a bit of music in the background, you might just go and watch them.


Sitting area in our room at Jupiter Hotel, Portland


Bathroom @ Jupiter Hotel


Jupiter Hotel is located on the other side of the river, so not quite downtown Portland but it’s excellent located close to public transportation access right by the hotel. The area around the hotel is also very lively so there’s plenty to explore there too. I would recommend Sizzle Pie for delicious pizzas and a great tourist attraction nearby is the Portland White Stag.


The Jupiter Hotel also has quite a large (gated!) parking garage which gave me some peace of mind about my rental car.

To conclude, I highly recommend this hotel to a younger crowd who might be interested in seeing a local band play in the adjacent Doug Fir Lounge.