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Impulsive trip to Denmark

A couple of weeks ago I made an impulsive fly & drive trip to Denmark, home to several famous furniture designers. After been in Norway and Sweden numerous times, I must shamefully admit I’d never set foot in Denmark. Ever!

(Some attentive readers might ask how I managed to drive from Belgium to Sweden without crossing Denmark? I took a ferry from Kiel, Germany to Göteborg, Sweden. But that’s not what I’ve been wanting to talk about today.)

Apart from furniture and Carlsberg, Denmark is probably best known for the Little Mermaid statue, in Copenhagen. But I dared to skip Denmark’s lovely capital. And I don’t regret it. You see, Copenhagen is located in Eastern Denmark, on the island called Zealand. To the west of it, there’s Funen, and then there’s Jutland, the big chunk of the country. That’s where I wanted to go. And to get there from Copenhagen, you have to either cross some toll bridges or take a domestic ferry.

So I decided to take the plane and fly from Brussels to Billund. It turned out te be a Bombardier Q400, a very small propeller-driven plane from Flybe in cooperation with Brussels Airlines. It’s low season, so who in his right mind travels to the middle of Denmark in Winter? That meant the plane was only half-full so there was plenty of room to stretch my legs!

Billund is a small town, but the airport is very centrally located within the country. The ideal starting point for my road trip! Legoland is also in Billund, but many friends told me it’s not worth the visit.


On the airport I rented a car with Alamo for an amazingly cheap 50 euros for 5 days. There’s not really an Alamo on the rather small airport but it’s service by Enterprise. Smooth pick up, I even got an upgrade! They had this brand new Audi A3 in which had only 900 km. An Audi for 50 euros! This road trip made a great start. I returned the car with 2000 km on the counter.

Denemarken 013.jpg

Soon I’ll upload a few posts about what I’ve visited. Stay tuned!

Have you guys been to Denmark? How did you like it? Tell me about your adventures!

All the best,