Why would you go to Lapland in the middle of winter, a pitch-black freezing place in the middle of nowhere? Well, for one good reason: to see the northern lights. Nowadays, visitors can experience the marvelous northern lights from the comfort of luxury cabins. Best time to visit with the highest chance of seeing nature’s finest spectacle is anywhere between November and March. Read along to find my top picks of the Best northern lights hotels and finest aurora resorts in Lapland.

The aurora borealis, or northern lights as it is more commonly called, occurs when charged particles from the sun collide with atoms in the Earth’s atmosphere. As the name ‘borealis’ suggests, this phenomenon happens most frequently over the Arctic Circle. Northern Lights tourism is booming business and if there’s one place where they understood they should really expand this type of holiday getaway, it’s in Finnish Lapland.

Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos are located on the naturally beautiful, peaceful shores of the lake Ranuanjärvi, far from disturbing city light pollutions. You can arrive to the Igloos driving a snowmobile or spend the night fishing as the sun never sets down. The heating of the glass-panels in the sleeping space and in the kitchenette prevent the frosting over of the glass surfaces. Bonus: each Igloo is also equipped with a private sauna!

Snowman World Glass Resort

Snowman World is located in Santa Claus Village and is a winter destination on its own. The accommodation provided here is more spacious and luxurious than in some other arctic resorts. The Snowman World Glass Resort offers luxurious accommodation in modern glass structures with spectacular views over the northern sky for aurora spotting. Nature is right at your doorstep, while the airport is only 5 minutes away. Not exactly in the middle of nowhere, but there’s enough fun things to do that you won’t regret it.

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Arctic Treehouse Hotel

Definitely one of the hotels that stand out from the rest, is the Arctic Treehouse Hotel! The cosy, nest-like Arctic TreeHouse Suites, the Arctic GlassHouses with their own private sauna, and the luxurious ArcticScene Executive Suites sit in their own tranquil location on a steep wooded hill slope. Each tree house suite has panoramic windows and beds are positioned close to the window so you can stay under the blankets while gazing at the northern lights. Arctic TreeHouse Hotel is located next to SantaPark, only 2 km from Santa Claus Village towards Rovaniemi City Center. The restaurant is called Rakas, which is Finnish for beloved, and the food is delicious and well-presented.

Arctic Snow Hotel & Glass Igloos

Arctic SnowHotel & Glass Igloos in Rovaniemi provides the perfect combination of sleeping under a 360º glass roof and the unique experience of staying in a snow hotel! Inside SnowHotel, you will find the ice bar, ice restaurant and ice chapel. Which would you pick? The Glass Igloo with spectacular views over the nearby forest and starry night sky, or the SnowHotel, where reindeer furs and sleeping bags keep you warm on a bed of ice. Don’t worry, the Glass Igloos are located far enough from the city lights of the Town of Rovaniemi, making this hotel a marvelous place for viewing the northern lights.

Levin Iglut

If you haven’t noticed by now, Lapland is a magical place high up in the north of Finland. The glass igloos of Levin Iglut offer luxurious comfort and spectacular views of the arctic sky. The glass igloos are surprisingly spacious and feature a high standard of equipment. If you’re looking to try a taste of Scandinavian cuisine, the Restaurant Aurora Sky won’t disappoint. Since it’s also open for non-guests, it’s best to make a reservation beforehand. And of course there’s Wi-Fi so you can humblebrag on social media!

Northern Lights Ranch

Northern Lights Ranch is a accommodation located in Finnish Lapland, only 15 km from Levi Ski Resort and 30 km from Kit. Because of its remote location away from artificial light, it offers the best chance to experience the amazing Northern Lights, which are often visible from September until April. It’s not because you escape the city, that you leave luxury behind. Each on of the 16 Sky View Cabins is equipped with a seating area and a private bathroom with bidet and free toiletries.

Kakslautanen Arctic Resort West Village

Settled right on the edge of the cold Finnish wilderness, the Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort is an off the beaten path destination since 1973, located at the northern tip of Europe. Apart from regular glass igloos, at Kakslautanen Arctic Resort they also offer Kelo-Glass igloos, a combination of a glass igloo and a cosy log cabin, sleeping up to six people in total. From the comfort of your igloo, you can see the Green Lady without going out of your room!

Aurora Village Ivalo

Explore Finnish Lapland in style, spending nights under the Northern Lights in a glass igloo. That’s the dream that many of us want to experience at least once in their lifetime. There is something magical from watching the northern lights from the comforts of your bed. Aurora Village Ivalo is located just 15 minutes away from the small Ivalo airport, yet still in the middle of nowhere. In total, there are 25 Aurora Cabins that offer you a spectacular view to the Northern sky. On-site Restaurant Loimu is a unique 60 seat restaurant with a really cozy Lappish atmosphere.

Which one of these aurora resorts or northern lights hotels would you pick? Would you like to sleep in one of these glass igloos and have a chance to see the magical northern lights?