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The best bites in Aarhus

Mmmm, Let’s talk food, shall we?

My morning routine: wake up, head straight to Emmerys. Really, Emmerys, on the corner of Klostergade and Guldsmedgade, is a great place to start your morning. You can order breakfast to go, or sit back and enjoy the quiet morning with a cup of coffee. They really focus on organic, healthy and ecological food and drinks, like beet juice. If there weren’t so many cool things to see around Aarhus, you could spend your whole morning there. I saw lots of people reaching for their portable and using the cozy bakery as a workplace.


Worth mentioning is Globen Flakket, near the end of Åboulevarden, in an area with lots of restaurants, pubs and clubs. Not too experimental, but they serve big portions of good quality food! Restaurant Grappa, a bit further down on that same Åboulevarden, provides a modern take on Italian cuisine. Best to make reservations a couple of hours beforehand so they can hold a table for you, that place is jam-packed (it might be literally)!

But what’s best about the whole of Aarhus, is the street food place near the bus terminal in Ny Banegårdsgade. Basically it’s just an old ugly industrial building in the middle of the city and they actually managed to make it the most hip and trendy place of town! Inside there are tons of food and drink stands, ideal for a quick bite or a sweet drink. The place was always packed and attracted both younger and older groups of people. I tried a drink called Sport-Cola there, which tasted a bit like how I would imagine Coca-Cola tasted back in the olden days (if that makes sense).

So there you have it, enjoy your meal or ‘velbekomme’!