10 Must-see natural attractions in South Iceland

When planning your trip to Iceland, you have probably been inspired by pictures on Instagram by one of those bloggers (I’m one of them) and have been overwhelmed with the amount of cool stuff there is to see in Iceland. And now you’ve stumbled upon this page. Great, yet another guy with an opinion on… Read more »


Day trip to Snaefellsnes

In my humble opinion, the gorgeous Snaefellsnes peninsula can and may not be skipped during a visit to Iceland. If you just want to explore the highlights, it only adds a day to your journey. So here’s my recommendations of things to see on a one day trip to Snaefellsnes, plus the minimum amount of… Read more »


Renting a drone in Iceland

When I was in Iceland I decided to rent a drone, a DJI Mavic Pro to be more precise. Is this something I would recommend? To most people: yes! It turned out to be a great experience. Read on to learn why.

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