10 Must-see natural attractions in South Iceland

When planning your trip to Iceland, you have probably been inspired by pictures on Instagram by one of those bloggers (I’m one of them) and have been overwhelmed with the amount of cool stuff there is to see in Iceland. And now you’ve stumbled upon this page. Great, yet another guy with an opinion on… Read more »


10 hidden gems in Iceland: part 2

Read part 1 of ‘10 hidden gems in Iceland’ here. We continue our quest to find the best hidden gems in Iceland. We’ve already seen Hjörleifshöfði, Landbrotalaug, Bruarfoss, Kaldidalsvegur and the Thakgil hiking region, but there are a few more off-the-beaten-path locations that are a must on anyone’s trip in Iceland! Here is our top… Read more »


10 hidden gems in Iceland: part 1

Read part 2 of ‘10 hidden gems in Iceland’ here. With Iceland becoming an increasingly popular destination, it’s getting harder and harder to escape the tourists and see what others don’t. Yes, you’ll probably end up in all the Insta-famous locations like the black sand beach anyway (I went there too), but with this post I… Read more »

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