Eurotrip tips

Always wanted to do that Eurotrip? Just go for it! Good. That was easy! So now that you’ve decided to embark on this awesome adventure, don’t just book a plane ticket to your favorite city and rent a car. Maybe don’t rent a car at all! There are actually a few things I want to… Read more »


Tips for booking cheap flights

Travel is never free, but it can be incredibly cheap! Here are a few tips that can save you a lot of money: Be flexible, in a number of ways. Find out when’s the high, low and shoulder season of your desired location. Flights prices vary accordingly. Find out when are the cheapest flights days… Read more »



Hi! I’m Ben and I go places. But that’s not enough to get to know me properly, right? I’m a 26 year old guy based in Belgium. A couple of years ago it hit me: life is short and you got to enjoy it. One thing that gives me great pleasure, is the beauty and diversity… Read more »

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