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Normally I’m the type of guy that plans a trip well in advance. You know, I’ll most likely made a map in Google Maps and pinpointed where our hotel is, how to get from the airport to the city center, and where the best viewpoints are. This month I did the exact opposite: I finally stepped out of my comfort zone and went on a surprise trip with

The concept of

The idea is simple: let yourself be surprised by your travel destination! You can choose from different themes: city tripping, road tripping, backpacking or even city worldwide! Flights and accommodation are included, and the rest is up to you! Plenty of freedom to discover the destination at your own pace.

We tried city tripping. 3-5 days in a destination that can be any city in Europe with an airport nearby. So there are plenty of opportunities to visit both classic city trip destinations and lesser-known gems of Europe. mainly caters towards Dutch or Belgian travelers, but the idea also exists in the UK & Ireland.


Weather forecast

You get sent the weather forecast a week in advance, just so you don’t have to stress about having to pack both moonboots AND swimtrunks, obvi. The travel within Europe is a handluggage only kind of deal, so knowing the weather is an obvious advantage in keeping your travel light. I took a trip to a mystery destination! 1


A scratch card reveals your destination!

By this time you’ll also have received a scratch card. Now if you’re thinking about scratching the card to reveal the destination prematurely, has you figured out (so no snooping!). You basically just get a code that you need to type into your personalized travel website. But it is only once the countdown ticker reached zero – read: when you’re already at the airport – that you’ll figure out where you’ll be going!


reveal where you're going with at the airport!


the countdown ticker


My destination: Porto!

At the airport, I quickly sold those FC Barcelona tickets and sent an email to the Pope in Rome that I won’t be able to hang out after all, cause my trip took me to Porto! Porto is a city I hadn’t thought of going to beforehand, but thanks to I finally got to know it. I must say I fell in love with the beauty of the city.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming post on what to do in Porto 😉

colourful houses in Porto


The accommodation’s got your back. They put you in a hotel, B&B or apartment rated 8 or higher on well-known review sites. So there’s no way you’ll end up in a crappy shithole with planks for beds!

But even so, I was more than pleasantly surprised with our hotel in Porto. We got to stay in Porto River ****, a four-star hotel/apartment crossover right in the vibrant Ribeira district by the river. Our apartment was huge! It had multiple rooms and it even featured a proper kitchen, but besides that the hotel also has a bar and restaurant.

I’ll probably do a hotel review of Porto River in the next week or so, so stay tuned!



Honestly, I must say I absolutely loved the concept of Not only can you treat yourself to a mystery trip, it’s also an awesome gift to your friends! Would I do it again? Most definitely yes!