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Discover the 9 Most Instagrammable Riads in Marrakech

Morocco and more specifically Marrakech is a popular holiday destination and this also shows on Instagram. And let’s be honest, we all want to show off the beauty on Instagram. I mean I can’t blame you, there’s something very rewarding about making a beautiful picture. Some of the Riads in Marrakech are so beautiful on their own, you don’t have to put much effort in trying to take a great picture there. Read along to find out which are in my opinion the 9 most instagrammable riads in Marrakech!

If you plan on going to Marrakech and look up places to stay, you’ll come across many so-called Riads. But what is a riad exactly? Well, ‘riad’ translates to ‘garden’ in Arabic, and the word is used to describe a traditional Moroccan house or palace with an interior courtyard that usually features a fountain or small pool and palm trees with no roof. So staying in a riad can mean staying in the house of a local family. While in some cases this is still true, The most popular riads have become more of a riad-like boutique hotel.


Riad BE

Riad BE is a cosy riad located in the colorful scenery that is the Medina. These are actually 2 buildings, The Oasis and The Essence, which are connected through the rooftop. Apart from that, they also have The Souk and The Soul, two private riads for a more intimate experience. The patio makes Riad BE one of the most instagrammable riads in Marrakech. Prices from 110 euros per room.



Riad Yasmine

Another famous Riad is Le Riad Yasmine. This one is super popular on Instagram so you have most likely seen pictures of this Riad. It is a luxurious boutique hotel featuring 8 rooms. Spend some time at the secluded patio to get away from the bustle of the Medina. Riad Yasmine is run by a French couple and they have a resident cat named Bowie!



Riad Jemaa El Fna & Spa

As you might have guessed from its name, this particular Riad is located right next door to the famous Jemaa El Fna square! Here’s your chance to stay as close as possible to the hustle and bustle of the vibrant city centre without being bothered by its noise. There are 19 comfortable and high-quality rooms available in Riad Jemaa El Fna. You can book a spa treatment to unwind after a tiring day.




This historic 19th century riad is conveniently close to the Souk and the beautiful Koutoubia mosque. L’Hôtel has a very intimate setting: only five spacious suites surround the courtyard garden with swimming pool. L’Hôtel has appeared on many lists in Conde Nast, Vogue, Telegraph and the likes. The antique furniture makes it feel like time has come to a hold in the 1930s!



Riad 72

Riad 72, or sometimes called ’72 Riad Living’, is located in the Bab Doukkala neighborhood, a quieter part of the medina. As in most cases, the patio is the heart of the riad. The structure is over a century old and is recently renovated and turned into a fine boutique hotel. What makes the terrace of the 72 so special is that it’s the highest in the Medina, offering stunning views over the Marrakech skyline and the Atlas Mountains in the distance. In November, I’m going to visit this particular riad during my Morocco trip and will write a separate review about it!



Ksar Kasbah & Spa

In my opinion Ksar Kasbah & Spa is one of the most beautiful riads in the entire city of Marrakech! I haven’t seen that many images in Instagram of this particular boutique hotel, most likely because influencers failed to score a free stay in this one. Ksar Kasbah & Spa features 11 bohemian inspired rooms and suites. It is an intimate guesthouse where you will immediately feel at home. From this riad also, I will write a separate blog post when I get back from Morocco! Definitely one of the most instagrammable riads in Marrakech!


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Riad Kasbah & Spa

Not to be confused with Ksar Kasbah & Spa, which I mentioned above. Riad Kasbah & Spa is located near the Saadian Tombs and from here it’s only a short walk to Jemaa el Fna. The patio of this Riad is larger than most in Marrakech. They can help you with everything, from doing your laundry, over arranging Fast track at the airport, to transfers or rental cars. The Standard Suite is my favorite.



Riad Jardin Secret

7 rooms in this warm riad which is only a short walk away from the Yves Saint Lauren Museum. Just like Riad Yasmine, Riad Jardin Secret is owned by a French couple, but this time there is a resident dog instead of a cat! With just three rooms and two suites, it never feels crowded and you’re sure to not have tourists disturbing the peace just to take a picture for their gram. This one is all yours! The pink rooftop will be your favorite place to relax or have dinner at.



Riad Les Yeux Bleus

The recently renovated Riad Les Yeux Bleus is the perfect blend of traditional and modern styles. The riad has two patios, one of which has a pool, and some rooms have fireplaces. They have a hammam and the kitchen is open 24/7. Each room costs 170 euros per night in low season and 200 euros during high season. The beautiful colors make this riad one of the most instagrammable riads in Marrakech.


As I mentioned, I’m leaving for Morocco and this time I’ll stay in Riad 72 and Riad Kasbah & Spa. These two wonderful riads have been on my personal bucket list for so long and I can’t wait to finally stay there. So stay tuned for more Morocco blog posts!

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