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Introduction: short city trip to Stockholm

Stockholm. The capital of Scandinavia. That’s what they call themselves, probably to the annoyance of people from Copenhagen, Oslo or Helsinki, I guess. But Stockholm really lives up to its name. The city is stunning and if you haven’t been there, I advise you to start making plans right away!

I keep returning over and over again and I never get tired of it. I’ve been there so many times I’ve honestly lost count. 2 years ago my girlfriend studied there for a year, so I’ve became a regular on the Brussels Airlines flight Brussels to Bromma Stockholm. My most recent stay during the Easter weekend was one of the most enjoyable ones.

Come to think of it, what exactly makes Stockholm so worth going?

The answer is a very simple one: there’s tons of things to do. Okay you can probably say that from every city, but in this case, it’s true (as opposed to Warsaw, where I got bored after 2 days). I remember the first time we went, my girlfriend and me spent an entire week there and in the end we still hadn’t checked everything from our to-do list.

Of course you don’t have to spend an entire week there but ideally, you’d like to spend around 4 days in Stockholm, like I did during the Easter weekend a couple of weeks ago.

Introduction: short city trip to Stockholm 1

If it’s your first-time visit, purchase a Stockholm Pass. Seriously, do it! I would say: it’s worth the price, but that would imply it’s expensive. It isn’t. It gives access to over 60 museums/attractions. Mind you, a lot of those are boat trips to nearby islands in the archipelago, which are summer-only and can easily take up more than half a day. Still, everything in your top-10 list of things to do, like the Vasa, Fotografiska, the Royal Palace etc… is included. We had one for 2 days, which is great to check off the must-sees and if you plan on staying longer, you’ll know the city by then. After all, the hop-on-hop-off buses and boats are included.

Introduction: short city trip to Stockholm 2
Cobblestone streets of Gamla Stan, the Old Town

I just realized this blog post would be super long if I continue writing about all the things I’ve visited with the Stockholm Pass, so I’ll do that in a separate post.

Stay tuned!